A full list of my accomplishments over the years

Integrated NCAR EDR algorithm into AMDAR AOS software.

Designed and developed Prognostics and Risk Management (PRM) reports for Airbus A320 and A330.

Developed Airbus A330NEO ACMS application for Teledyne Controls FDIMU.

Implemented AMDAR Onboard Software (AOS) on Qantas A330.

Updated A330 DFDRS to latest ED112 specification .

Implemented A320 NEO engine reports (PW and CFMI) for Teledyne ACMS application.

Developed the airborne AMDAR software (AOSFRS) specification for the World Meteorological Organization.

Changes to ACMS applications for several airlines.

ACMS development for Saudi Arabian B747 Classic.

Developed AMDAR3 weather report for the Jetstar Australia A320 FDIMU.

Implemented new reports in Austrian Airlines B767 Teledyne ACMS application.

Maintenance Program Audit for CHC Helicopter Corporation Eurocopter types 332L and 332L1.

Developed an ACMS weather report for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (AMDAR 3).

Developed Teledyne Baseline ACMS application for B747-400 with GE engines.

Quality Check on Maintenance Program Software conversion for CHC Helicopter Corporation Nigeria, Brazil and South Africa.

Performed FDR check on CHC S61N Helicopter.

Converted and tested a complete ACMS application for Malaysia Airlines B747-400.

Implementation of new Maintenance Program Software at CHC Helicopter Corporation, The Netherlands.

Managed the installation of Noise Monitoring Systems on Portugal's main airports.

For Lufthansa, developed, tested and installed a complete Teledyne ACMS software application on a 747SP.

Developed an ACMS weather report for World Meteorological Organization (AMDAR 2).

Airbus A310 Flight Data Recorder conversion Database creation for Lufthansa.