Things I do

Airdatec provides expertise in the fields of onboard data acquisition systems, data exchange and information management across your fleet. Things I do mostly are

  • Program data systems

    Coding of new reports, screens or recording maps mainly on Teledyne ACMS systems using AGS tools.

  • Readout databases

    Build or help building readout databases needed to translate FDR or QAR data into engineering units

  • Consultancy

    Need help with setting up an end-to end flight data system? Contact me for possibilites

  • Courses

    Looking at starting your own company? Been there, done that, here to help. In two just two days you are good to go. Cursus 'Makkelijk Starten' in Dutch only, contact for details

  • Drink lots of coffee

    Because we need to stay awake.

  • Read books and stuff

    To keep up with the industry.

A few accomplishments

Some projects I finished recently. For a full list click here

Integrated NCAR EDR algorithm into AMDAR Onboard Software (AOS) software

Designed and developed Prognostics and Risk Management (PRM) reports for Airbus A320 and A330

Developed Airbus A330NEO ACMS application for Teledyne Controls FDIMU

Implemented AMDAR Onboard Software (AOS) on Qantas A330.

Wrote the airborne AMDAR software (AOSFRS v1.1) specification for the World Meteorological Organization.


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  • 1873HX Bergen (NH)
  • the Netherlands